Helllooooo from wine country! Are you planning a trip to Napa? Are you looking for wine tasting and gluten free recommendations? Check out my gluten free Napa itinerary!

We landed in Sacramento on Friday night around 7 PM. There are 3 airports that surround Napa (Sacramento, Santa Rosa, and Oakland) and they are all about an hour drive. Honestly we just went with what was cheapest!


Cider House in Sacramento: Stopped here in Sacramento before heading to Napa.  Basically everything here is 100% GF including the entire kitchen. With 17 ciders (all GF) on tap & 3 beers (for our non GF friends) you can’t go wrong at this place! I tried 5 different ciders as well as the Caprese Sandwich + Chicken, and the Chicken and Cheese Sandwich. They use Canyon Bakehouse bread and all the sandwiches can be made dairy free if you ask for no cheese.


Castello di Amorosa: Our first stop on Saturday because it was one of the few wineries that opens at 9:30 AM and we heard it gets pretty busy if you don’t have a reservation. If you are planning on visiting later in the day I would definitely make sure you set up a reservation, but in the morning we were fine without one. We paid for the Reserve Upgrade ($45 pp) which gave us a tasting of wines off of the reserve menu. Our tasting guide ended up letting us sample 8 wines and threw in some salted dark chocolate.

Tank Garage Winery: Tank was recommend by the locals if we wanted a little something off the beaten path. You really need a reservation in advance, but the hostess was nice enough to sneak us in since we had no idea we would need one! The tasting ($25 pp) gives 5 samples and if you are lucky they will let you taste a 6th.

Sterling Vineyards: Let me just say this is wine with a view! You don’t need a reservation for this one, but be prepared to wait in line later in the day. The tasting ($35 pp) takes you on an aerial tram all the way up to the winery. At the top you are provided with a souvenir wine glass that you can fill at each of the 5 wine tasting stations. Sit at the very top, sip wine, and soak in the incredible view.

Gott’s Roadside: 3 wineries deep, and it was about time for lunch! We heard mixed reviews on Gott’s Roadside and that they have had some problems with cross-contamination, but we decided to chance it anyways. We had 3 orders of fries (you can never have too many fries) and I got the California Chicken Sandwich on a GF bun. I didn’t feel sick after and I can usually tell within 20 minutes or so. All of the GF food came in a separate box than the non-GF food items.

Sutter Home Winery: If this name sounds familiar its because you probably have purchased their wine at your local grocery store at some point in your life. I wouldn’t say Sutter Home wines are my favorite, but I am all about FREE WINE! Sutter Home offers a complementary tasting to every guest, and they also have additional tastings for just $5. If you are trying to do Napa on a budget this is the place for you.

V. Sattui: This winery probably had my favorite wine out of all the wineries we tried this weekend, and you don’t need a reservation. I am more of a white wine gal instead of red, and they had some really tasty white wines. We paid for the Marketplace Tasting ($20 pp), but we added the chocolate upgrade which was $6 pp extra.

Andretti Winery: To be honest this was my least favorite winery of the trip.  It wasn’t that the wine was bad, I just wanted it to be sweeter. This is a great place if you are a red lover or Pinot Grigio fan.  We did the Tuscany Tasting ($35 pp) and that had 5 wines to sample.

C CASA in Oxbow Public Market: We heard great things about this 100% GF restaurant, and I was a tad bit let down. Maybe we just ordered the wrong things, or maybe its because I am spoiled here in Phoenix, AZ when it comes to Mexican food. Unfortunately it just didn’t live up to all the hype. We ordered the 9 Layer Dip with White Beans, 2 Pork Tacos, and the Chicken, Poblanos, & Mushrooms Quesadilla. I LOVED the 9 Layer White Bean Dip and would totally order that again! I think next time we would try ordering something off the menu for dinner.

Kara’s Cupcakes in Oxbow Public Market: Just a couple feet away from C CASA is Kara’s Cupcakes with a few GF options. I got a mini chocolate brownie cupcake, and I am just going to warn you that it made me so sick. It was such a small cupcake, but we all know it only takes one crumb. I would just advise to go here at your own risk. I definitely didn’t want to do anything after the way the cupcake made me feel.


Pushkin’s Restaurant in Sacramento:  Sunday morning we headed back to Sacramento and I was beyond excited to try this place! I am shocked I didn’t try and order 1 of everything on the menu. We got a Vegan Caramel Latter w/ Almond Milk, Vegan Cream Cheese with Jalapeno Hushpuppies, Avocado Toast, Chicken Salad Sandwich, and the Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

Pushkin’s Bakery in Sacramento:  At Pushkin’s Restaurant we were told that the bakery has a lot more variety when it comes to baked goods, and that was not a lie! We picked out 4 treats I wanted the try the most. I ordered a No Name (Center of  a Cinnamon Roll), Vegan Cinnamon Sugar Donut, Vegan Powdered Sugar Donut, and an Apple Cinnamon Scone. I think a No Name might be my new favorite treat!

We never made it to JaM Cellars, Rutherford Ranch or Frog’s Leap winery on the itinerary, but I am going to leave them on the list for those who might be interested in stopping by. We ran out of time on Friday for JaM Cellars, but this is one of the few wineries in Napa that is open pretty late.  For Rutherford Ranch and Frog’s Leap we didn’t have a reservation and you cannot visit either place without one. We put our names on the list if someone else happened to cancel but we never got a notification. We did purchase  a half bottle of Frog’s Leap Sauvignon Blanc at Gott’s though!

The items in yellow on the map under GF Restaurant Ideas are other gluten free/Celiac restaurant suggestions in Napa, but I did not eat there. Here are the restaurants I did not have a chance to eat at:

Tarla Medaterrain Bar + Grill
Eiko’s Sushi
Inn on Randolph

Have fun planning and enjoy eating gluten free in Napa!



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